Pre-Construction Services

At Callidus Construction, we believe that this is our opportunity to explore and understand the owner's and architect's vision, and develop the framework for its realization through the construction process. Broad experience and deep expertise make us a strong partner in both the innovation and the preparation inherent during the preconstruction phase. The early involvement of our construction managers, and the support of our estimating department helps us to prioritize and quantify factors such as budget, schedule and construction method while becoming embedded in the team and building the collaboration that will shape the project as it progresses. 

Construction Services

Callidus has an extensive and diverse construction portfolio that spans restoration, renovation, new construction, and interiors within the residential and commercial markets. Many projects blend these areas of expertise and involve the addition of innovative and ambitious new structures to existing, often historically significant buildins. The codes, materials and techniques are distinct for each type of project, but what is common to all our work is the precision and excellence that we delivery to every client. The skill and experience that we deploy through our construction teams on the ground equals the best in the industry. Our goal is to always deliver unparalleled quality in line with each project's unique vision. 

Quality Control

Construction, more than any other industry, illustrates the maxim that it is more economical to do it right the first time than to fix it later. Quality control is embedded in everything we do and is the responsibility of every member of a Callidus project team. We apply it as a continuous discipline from estimates, schedules, proposals and written communications through all aspects of the construxction phase where it starts with the best people and the appropriate experience on every team. That is followed by clear, unambiguous direction to ensure high quality work efficiently done in a clean and orderly environment that reflects the integrity inherent in our process and reduces loss, errors and safety risks. Every Callidus project has a superintendent who's primary responsibility is to manage quality control during all phases of the project. 

Design/Build Services

The design/build delivery method provides for a unique collaboration between the owner, designer, and contractor, who together form a partnership committed to design efficiency and project delivery. In a design/build environment, the interests of all parties are closely aligned. Successful design/build relationships include a strong and active role for the builder in the design process. The skills and expertise that the builder brings are a positive and creative force in making informed decisions about phassing, constructability, evaluation of alternatives, and value engineering. The design/build methodology allows Callidus Construction to develop a collaborative approach between designer and builder from the start and has led to the successful completion of many ambitious projects. 

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